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  • I am an artist, a mom and a collector. I like to paint and make stuff. In fact, I can't stop making stuff. I think I've always been that way. I blame it on my mother.


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March 17, 2008


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i just planted grass on my sandy beach, hi laura


Finally! Someone who feels about lawn care the way I do!


Oh, I can't find which post this was on, OCD = Obsessive Creativity Disorder
I stold it. I know you said not to,and I'm forever ashamed, but I just had to show it to all my artsy friends. I thought it was a scream. I also added a line under, "this could be serious". Everyone loves it. I promise I won't do it again, but I will read everything again. Got to get some Red Bull and see if it doesn't inspire me, too. YOU have inspired me. Got to get my butt in the studio, NOW!

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