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  • My name is Laurie Meseroll and I'm an artist and a mom. I like to paint and make stuff. In fact, I can't stop making stuff. I think I've always been that way. I blame it on my mother..

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  • Please do not use my original photos, images of my paintings, any of my artwork or my writing without my written permission. I take the rights to my artwork very seriously and hope you will as well. Also note reproduction rights do not transfer with ownership. For example, you may not use one of my paintings for your Christmas cards because you bought a painting (I've seen it done). Besides, it's just so uncool. And it really gets on my nerves.

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I am a full-time artist and have been forever. My current husband is Bob who absolutely adores me and keeps the houesehold semi-sane when I'm in the midst of a painting frenzy. We have 6 kids (Adam, Tatiana, Josh, David, Jacob, Sophia ages 12-26) plus 2 1/2 dogs (Collette-the-trick-dog, James Brown, my extra-sweet Newfoundland and then there's Rhiley, a chubby little Weinerese--kinda a pekinese dauchsand), at least 5 or 6 cats(Pinky, Lilly, Daisy, Binky, Bam-bam and weird old Joe Thomas, and a bunch of mutant hamsters in the ductwork of our swanky red cape cod in beautiful Ohio.


I'm really rather self-absorbed and I'm terribly uncomfortable with leisure. Other than painting and writing I'm always interested in food and travel. Oh--and yard sales and auctions since I really do like looking at other people's stuff.